Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Charmed Life

Now that my kids' aunts and uncles are located in South Africa, Mexico, and Texas, I figured it was time to get back into the blogging world and keep them updated. (Although Skype is a wonderful thing...)

There really isn't much that's better than being a kid in the summer. Sunshine, siblings, and carefree days translate into so much fun. Now that we are just past the halfway point in our summer break, I thought I would share the first half of our days.

This week, Michael decided that the kids needed some regular structure, so he has been waking them up early and giving them tennis and basketball lessons, compliments of a talented daddy and grandparents with a Goalrilla and tennis courts a half mile away.

Our summer began with strawberry season. The kids love helping in the organic patch and picking with the customers. Here they were showing me some concoctions they made with the strawberries they picked themselves. They were so proud of their masterpieces. Chips with strawberries, really?!?

They had the opportunity to ride horses at Aunt Marlene's. They all got right on and rode like pros.

They have spent countless hours swimming in Grandpa and Grandma's pool. The girls swim like fish, while Lance is still relying on his floaties. We have to remind him to put them on as he wants to get right in!

The kids loved having a chance to go tubing with some friends a few weeks ago. They thought they were big stuff. Brooke did a great job holding on!

Ella was just along for the ride.... she was going through a phase where she LOVED sticking out her tongue. It made me laugh every time (which probably just egged her on!)

Lauren went to her first overnight camp at Prairie Camp. It brought back tons of memories for me. I couldn't believe my girl was old enough for this! She loved every minute of it.

Lance has been Grandpa's boy quite a bit this summer. He loves the tractor and never misses an opportunity to tag along.

He wanted to help weed Aunt Lisa's garden - notice the golf club he is using to hoe. :) Sorry Uncle Tim! :)

The other night the kids wanted to go to Dairy Queen and the park. They played hide and seek forever.

We had our family picture taken for the church directory last night. When we got home I thought I would take a few for us. Unfortunately, the kids were getting pictured out and didn't want to all cooperate at the same time. They insisted on taking some with their kittens, who they absolutely LOVE and are fortunately very tolerant creatures.

I love these little people!!


  1. Thanks for the update! Love and miss you guys! See you in a couple weeks! :)

  2. Great pictures. But who's in Texas? We're at the Shreiners!

  3. I remember when Lauren stuck her tongue out just like that--I think when she was about Ella's age. We even have pictures of it, I believe.

  4. David, I knew you were on your way back when I posted this, but it was easier to say that you were in Texas than that you were there, would be home for a while, and are going back! :) Can't wait to see you guys!